Researchers Successfully Sequenced Spider’s Genome

There are many startling revelations of this novel research. Firstly, for the first time researchers have succeeded in sequencing spider's genome. Second revelation is quite surprising as researchers find the eight-legged creature to have certain genetic similarities with humans.

A group of Danish and Chinese researchers came up with such interesting findings after studying two types of spiders, a small velvet spider and a tarantula.

Researchers were able to sequence the velvet spider's genome, but there are some problems coming in the genetic map of the tarantula. "We found a number of genes, about 200-300, that have only been found in these two types of spiders and not in other organisms. They could be candidates for genes specific to spiders", affirmed Jesper Bechsgaard of Aarhus University, Denmark.

Researchers not only mapped the spiders' genomes, but they also looked at the protein composition of two of the most exciting areas of the spiders, silk and venom production.

Kristian Sanggaard, one of the researchers, said the genomes make a lot of work of spider researchers quite easy. Earlier, it was difficult to identify the proteins in the spiders' silk or venom. But the full genome has helped in knowing about the complete protein sequences and they consider it as a great progress.

Not many of you know about the strength of spider silk. It is five times stronger than steel and three times stronger than Kevlar. Therefore, the study findings would prove quite beneficial in future as the genes can be used in bacteria to come up with silk proteins to make bullet-proof vests and wire than that are currently available.