Smoking would-be-mothers may raise the risk of heart defect in their babies

As per a new research the risk of congenital heart defect may considerably increase in babies whose mothers continue smoking during pregnancy.

Other physical deformations like missing or deformed limbs, cleft lips and even palates can be a result of mothers smoking during pregnancy. Earlier studies on the same topic also suggest that smoking during pregnancy lead to a high chance of child heart disease.

Patrick M. Sullivan, leader of the study and clinical fellow in pediatric cardiology at Seattle Children's Hospital, said that he regularly looks after children suffering from congenital heart disease and observe that these kids along with their families end up long terms in the hospital due to this disease.

He says the reason for this defect is not usually known but he said that he took this study as a chance to identify the possible causes for this defect.

Scientists used birth certificate data and hospital discharge records to pursue the research from Washington state to find out if maternal smoking during pregnancy, especially the first trimester, leads to any complications in the heart of the baby and if so then what kind.