Sperm-Bots may make Men Redundant for Women

Scientists and engineers from the University of Illinois have created sperm shaped bots that may make men redundant for women. These synthetic bots have been designed to give the capacity to self propel through biological fluids present inside a body. Also, they are intended to appear as a twin brother to sperms.

Researchers have programmed this bots to derive environmental benefits and for a vast application in the field of medicines. A group of first tiny, synthetic bio-bots has the ability to swim on their own. They seek help from heart cells and move the viscous fluids of biological environments.

Taher Saif is from the University of Illinois Gutgsell and study leader. He was of the view that until now, scientists are only able to catch a glimpse of the world of microorganisms through microscope. However, for the first time, they have been able to develop an engineered system to reach this underworld.

The recent achievement has paved the way for researchers to develop bio-bots that can bring a revolution in the field of medicine. Specific areas and cells in a body can be targeted with the help of bio-bots to start an action there, said Saif. Bio-bots have the potential to successfully battle cancer cells, tumors and other toxins in the body without causing any damage to the rest of the body.