Life Originated from Clay; believe Boffins and Religion

Scientists have revealed that life is highly likely to have originated from ancient `clay hydrogels'. Dan Luo of Cornell uni in the States said that in early geological history clay hydrogel enabled biomolecules and biochemical reactions to take place. It is believed by him and his team that ancient clay's confinement allowed early amino acids and suchlike to come together and create life.

This is something adherents of many major world religions also believe - be it past or present. The Bible is one of the good examples to support the belief as this has been confirmed in it through a typical mechanism for the appearance of life.

It has been mentioned in the Bible that a man of dust was formed by the Lord God out of the ground. Then breath of life was sent in through his nostrils. The Quran and ancient Greek mythology also believe the same.

Similar stories can be heard from believers of ancient Chinese and Egyptian structures. New research from Cornell University has also suggested that life could have emerged from wet clay. The study suggested that clay might have provided the perfect protective environment for life to materialize.

"We surprisingly found that the coupled transcription/translation reaction... was not only preserved but was also consistently enhanced in the clay hydrogel environment", the researchers wrote.