Borneo Fisherman Catches Mysterious Fish

Borneo fisherman Sapar Mansor was on a fishing trip this week when he came across a mysterious fish. He caught the same and brought it to home.

Not only Mansor, but his wife is so happy to have this fish that they are now planning to keep it. The fish is bizarre as it has giant head and rest of his body is covered with spines.

The fish is over 30 cm in length and even has four spikes near its mouth. Mansor was stunned to see the fish, as he has never seen fish like this.

Mansor shared his experience at the time when he was on the fishing trip. He was along with his friend and both of them spent two hours in the area to catch this mysterious fish as well as other fishes.

Mansor's wife Siti Kadariah was shocked to see the fish that her husband has brought home. She shared that not even she, but her children were equally shocked to see the fish. It was quite unique in its shape as well as in other terms.

"This is the first time in my life that I have seen this type of fish. I brought it home to my wife and informed her of the rare catch", affirmed Sapar.

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