Chicken Nuggets are not Actually the Chicken Nuggets

It has been observed by the researchers that the contents of the chicken nuggets are not actually the chicken meat, but also contains bones, fats, tissue etc.

A prof. of medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, along with a pathologist, led the study. They declared an un-hearted thing about the two fast-food chains of the chicken nuggets.

The researchers found that some of the chicken nuggets contain less than 50% of actual chicken meat and rest of the ratio contains chicken fat, bones, skin, connective tissue and cells from the lining of the chicken's internal organs.

The two researchers called their study as the `autopsies' of the nuggets. In their research the two researchers dissected the samples of the nuggets, stained them and examined them under a microscope. They did so in order to find out the type of chicken cells present in the chicken nuggets.

The first nugget contained about 50% of meat, which includes muscle tissue from the breast or thigh and the rest contains nerve fibers and blood vessels. The second nugget contained only 40% muscle tissue and rest bone fragments and tissues.

Dr. Richard DeShazo, Dr. Richard deShazo, said: "Actually seeing this under the microscope is a whole lot different than reading numbers on a webpage or something".