Huge Iron 1,000km Long Wealth Below Sea

A recent discovery of a 1,000 kilometer long plume of iron may change the assumptions of total iron sources in the seas worldwide.

The plume has been discovered from the hydrothermal vents deep in water from the South Atlantic Ocean.

According to Mak Saito, Lead Author of this study, the recent discovery will not only be useful for the iron Geochemistry but also for several other lines of studies as well. Mak Saito is an Associate Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI).

Scientists from the University of Liverpool and WHOI had started this mission in South Atlantic Ocean in the year 2007. They have called this mission Coffee Mug, which is explained as Cobalt, Iron and Micro-organisms from the Upwelling zone to the Gyre.

The mission was started with the objective of preparing the chemical and microbial composition of the ocean on the water route from Brazil to Namibia. The scientists took the samples from different depths in water.

The researchers also spotted a mountain range deep in water, which showed that tectonic plates of Earth are gradually spreading.

It was assumed that there would very little iron in the hydrothermal vents here as they emit helium."We had never seen anything like it, we were sort of shocked. There's this huge bull's-eye right in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. It went contrary to a lot of our expectations," said Saito.

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