Central Bank May Slow Bond Buying; European Stock-Index Futures Fall

It has been said by President Richard Fisher of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas that the central bank was at the verge of slowing bond buying. Suspecting that the U. S. monetary stimulus measures would rationalize, the stock-index futures of Europe have shown a little change.

Germany's second-largest steelmaker, Salzgitter AG, the report said, might be active as it said that a pretax loss of some 400 million euros was likely to be faced by it this year. Also, the largest mail service, Deutsche Post AG, of the nation, could move since it has augmented its forecast for 2013's operating profit.

The report revealed that the Euro Stoxx 50 Index's futures plummeted to 2,808 i. e. by 0.1% at 7:09 a. m. in London. Also, contracts on the FTSE 100 Index of the UK moved back 0.2%.

Besides, the `500 Index futures' of Standard & Poor was noted to have fallen 0.2%. Some 0.1% plunge has been realized by the MSCI Asia Pacific Index. While there has been a rise in treasury yields in the last three months, bond prices have seen a fall.

"Financial markets may have become too accustomed to what some have depicted as a Fed `put', or the idea that the central bank will loosen credit after a market decline", said Fisher while giving a speech in Portland.