Melting Ice Forms Lake at North Pole, researchers worried

With the melting month ongoing in the Arctic, researchers have captured a video of melting ice forming a lake at the North Pole.

Like every year, this year also July has witnessed the sea ice shrinking faster than the rest of the year because of the high temperatures.

But according to the reports coming from the CBS News, mid of this July has experienced two weeks of unusually warm weather which experts say have caused the melting of the ice forming a lake at the North Pole. Reveal the recordings that temperatures in the Arctic Ocean this July rose by two to five degrees Fahrenheit than normal.

Moreover, expert reports have also predicted an Arctic cyclone in the upcoming week. Since the year 2000, the North Pole Environmental Observatory has been monitoring the Arctic sea ice conditions and its levels. It has found that the pole could have been melting since at least 2002.

Experts have explained that the melting water sitting on top of the remaining ice sheet has performed a lake due to the changing seasons.

In context to same, a study was released earlier this week which stated that the changing weather has started to severely impact the permafrost as well. Researchers are afraid that the problem can trigger soon if the methane in the ice starts releasing into the atmosphere.

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