Cure for Cat Allergies to be Available within Five Years: Scientists

Scientists have revealed that they have finally developed a cure for the UK's most common pet allergy. The breakthrough discovery was a result of a study published in the Journal of Immunology.

The study helped researchers discover the process that leads to the allergic reaction. This has opened doors for the researchers to develop a whole new type of drug to treat it. They figured out how felines can begin allergic reactions in one of ten people. The symptoms range from rashes to dangerous asthma attacks.

Anti-histamine has been the only way as of now to treat the problem to calm symptoms, or around of injections to build up a level of tolerance to the allergen.

However, a team from Cambridge University found that feline dandruff has a protein that that combines with a chemical in the human body. The protein is known as dander.

The drug is under development and is likely to inhibit the process. The researchers have claimed that a pill or inhaler will find a place in shelves within five years.

Dr. Clare Bryant, who is from the university's department of veterinary medicine and lead author of the study, said, "With just a puff of an inhaler which contains the drug, a person would be okay to interact with cats without an adverse reaction".