Climate Change May Cause Iberian Lynx to Become Extinct

On Sunday, July 21, warnings have been raised by group of biologists that the Iberian lynx could face extinction in the coming 50 years if the current trend of climate change is not reversed.

Appearing in the journal Nature Climate Change, the study has claimed that the most endangered feline of the world could face devastation even if the target set for controlling carbon emissions is achieved by the world.

It is being said that a shift in conservative strategy is needed on an urgent basis, if the charismatic little wildcat is to be saved. At present, some 250 lynx are remaining in the wild. Many of them faced devastation of their habitat in two suburbs of southern Spain.

As per the findings, the species grows up to a meter long and weighs in almost at 15 kilos (33 pounds). The same is known by its pale yellow eyes, tufted ears and cheeks and spotted beige fur.

The National Museum of Natural Sciences' Miguel Araujo, in Madrid, said that the study was a hint of the effect of increasing temperatures on rabbits, habitat and lynxes.

"Climate change is predicted to have a rapid and severe negative influence on Iberian lynx abundance, exceeding its ability to adapt or disperse to more climatically favorable regions", the study asserted.

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