A Third Of Women Worldwide Face Domestic Violence: Study

A major global review of violence against women has revealed that nearly a third of women have been physically or sexually assaulted by a former or current partner. A series of reports were released on Thursday.

The head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan, called it "a global health problem of epidemic proportions". Other experts have called for tougher screenings for domestic violence. Moreover, they said that it should be added to all levels of healthcare.

The findings revealed that about 40% women, among all killed worldwide, were violently killed by an intimate partner. Assault was the most common type of violence being experienced by women. Also, the report revealed higher rates of sexual violence against women. It found seven percent women worldwide had been forced to have sex with someone other than a partner.

Sexual violence is defined by the WHO as being physically forced to have sex, or have sex because of fear, or being forced to do something sexual that was humiliating or degrading.

WHO has issued guidelines for authorities to find problems earlier. It said that training should be given to all health workers to recognize the risks related to physical abuse and sexual violence against women.

Heidi Stoeckl, one of the authors at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said that honor killings are common in countries like India and women are often murdered over dowry disputes.