IXV of Europe Sees Successful ‘Drop Test’ Conducted on It

A new report has unveiled that IXV, the experimental re-entry vehicle of Europe, has seen a drop test being carried out successfully on it.

As per the findings, the IXV is the European Space Agency's project. The same is aimed at creating an autonomous atmospheric re-entry system.

Lately, a 1:1 scale model was launched by a helicopter from a height of 3km. The same later was moved down on a parachute to a splashdown in the Mediterranean.

The aim is to develop a vehicle dubbed Pride, which could be akin to the X-37B, the mini spy shuttle of America. It has been found that the American vehicle runs robotically for some time in orbit before an automated return is made by it to a runway.

A flight model would be seen taking off the upcoming year on a Vega rocket. The same would be required from a height of 420km, the report said.

"X-37B is big vehicle launched on an Atlas rocket, while Pride will be launched on a smaller rocket. It should be a much cheaper mission", Roberto Provera was cited as saying. He is from the French-Italian company named Thales Alenia Space (Tas), which is to industrially lead the project.