Austria Still Following the Process of Sending peacekeepers back to Golan

The foreign minister of Austria stated that they don't rule out the coming back of its U. N. Peacekeepers to the Golan Heights, in case their command is better command.

Reports suggested that the peacekeepers of the Alpine republic is accounting for a total number of 380 members of the U. N. force, where the grand total is 1,000. The total 380 members in the 40-year-old ceasefire between Syria and Israel.

Michael Spindelegger, the foreign minister, asked about the possibility that whether the peacekeepers should be better armed or not. He said that the mandate needs to be altered. He explained that without taking an adequate step the Golan isn't ruled out.

Other than the increased fighting in the force's zone of operation. There have been a large number of incidents in which the rebel forces from Syria had detained the U. N. monitors. For ensuring the regulated handover, as per the foreign aspects the defense minister of Austria, the contingent can remain in place fora time period of four weeks.

Spindelegger told Oesterreich that the time period can be stretched to a little extend. If it takes a time period up till six weeks it is justified. If no one is found in the similar period than it seems pointless to continue waiting.

Russia has proposed to replace Austria in Golden Heights. However, the United Nations suggested it will not be accepting the mutual consignment between Syria and Israel bars

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