Indian Trade Minister Announces New Approach to Dash Negotiations

As per a recent report, negotiations for the trade accord signed by India with the European Union have since long been pending. It is therefore that an announcement has been by India on Thursday that it would now be following an incremental approach.

The report finds that the aim behind the same is to accelerate those negotiations. However, the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations' professor Arpita Mukherjee says that the approach might be meaning that India cannot fulfill all demands from the EU.

She adds that the approach probably hints that India would be taking measures to include under the trade agreement. But, it is being said by trade minister Anand Sharma that the new way being planned means failure to carry out some tasks now may be continued later. The statement was made after a meeting with technology minister Philipp Roesler and German economy.

Analysts are also claiming that Mr. Sharma might be pointing that the two sides should move parallel with the negotiations. But, "What we have on the table from both the sides, it is fairly robust. We will now leave it to the negotiators to bring it to its early conclusion", said Mr. Sharma.